I don’t know about you, but my 2019 was a real roller coaster ride!  I mean, it had its ups and downs but the best part was I showed up for ME in 2019.  There were decisions to be made that I never imagined I’d have the strength to make.  I stopped worrying so much about what others wanted from me and started focusing on what God and my husband wanted from me and what I wanted FOR me!  When I showed up for God, He showed up for ME!

2020 is the year for you to show up for YOU and yours!  Don’t apologize! Don’t feel bad for aligning yourself with God.  Some people won’t understand, but it’s not FOR them to understand!  In 2018 and 2019 I committed myself to so many things because I didn’t want to say “NO” but there was soon no time for me to focus on God and me.  I mean, yes, I studied, I prayed, I worshipped and I encouraged others but there was still this empty space concerning ME!  Why, because I was focused on what everyone else needed from me.  But what good am I to the world if I am no good to myself? 

Over the last several months, I had to take some time for ME.  I had to pull away from Social Media, business, social activities, TV and spend more time with God asking what HE wanted from me and what I wanted FOR me!  One answer I received from Him was to learn to say “NO.”  Stop saying YES to things without consulting Him and without taking the time to see how it fits into destiny.  Then shortly after, my life coach and I began to discuss what I wanted my 2020 to look like.  We literally went down the line of the things I spend my time on.  At the end of the session there was a clear understanding that my “Yes” needs to be on hold for a while.  If it doesn’t fit into what God showed me for what is ahead, the answer is NO.  I’ve spent many years saying yes to everyone and now it’s time to show up for RAYNA.  It’s time for you to show up for YOU!

We have to be careful that we don’t commit to someone else’s vision for their own life without committing to our own vision for our lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely NOT saying don’t commit to helping others when appropriate or to your immediate family, your church and whatever else is non-negotiable, but I AM saying, don’t’ forget about YOU.  Show up for YOU in the same way you show up for them! 

During the latter part of 2019 I was buried under the soil but the seed had already been planted in me to know that whenever I feel like I’m in the dark and under the soil, He’s working on me and rooting me in for what’s ahead.  He didn’t forget me!  I WILL blossom in His time!  He planted me for growth and now my roots are spreading and the light is shining.  My eyes are open and see things I’ve never seen before. In other words, the blinders are off. 

In 2019, I found my VOICE and I encourage you to do the same!  I used my voice and influence for many of the wrong reasons in the past.  I had a bleeding hurt that bled all over people I met.  I’ve experienced others who have used my voice for their own agenda but my voice belongs to God and ME and I’m taking it back for HIS glory!  You can do the same!

    • First and foremost, get yourself a wine glass, fill it with some Sparkling Apple Cider (or whatever your joy juice is), pat yourself on the back and give yourself the kudos you deserve for making it this far!  If you need a partner to cheer with you, DM me and let’s drink to 2020 together!
  • COMMIT TO GOD!  Give God His time! Consistent intimate time with Him is a non-negotiable.  Set aside a specific time of day, even if you just start with 15 minutes.  Don’t worry about what your friend does or what someone else does.  Focus on you and keep growing!
    • STOP SCROLLING first thing in the morning.  Use a regular alarm clock instead of your phone so you don’t have to pick it up.  Keep a daily devotional by your bed or in your bathroom and let that be the first thing you read. 
    • PRAYER – Spend time in prayer DAILY!  Put some time in to it.  Look up scriptures for the things you are praying for and give God His word back during your prayer time.  Purchase a prayer journal (you can literally get one for $1 at Family Dollar).  Every Month write out your prayers.  Make categories…i.e. General Prayers, Family, Friends, Church, Business etc. When God answers, highlight it.  Whatever hasn’t been answered, write it in again the next month.  KEEP PRAYING!  (Look out for my vlog on some essentials for the Christian Woman and I’ll show you how I do this!)
    • SCRIPTURE READING & STUDYING – Make sure you’ve got your bible and you can supplement with studies from “The Daily Grace Co.” I looooove these studies and they help me go deeper every day! 
    • ACCOUNTABILITY – Get an accountability Partner, join a small group, go to bible study!
    • Be intentional in spending time with your family.  Date night once a month or a day out with the kids a couple of times a month, movie nights at home etc.  Plan!
    • Talk about your family goals and make a plan. 
    • What do you want to accomplish this year? 
    • What didn’t work last year that needs to change this year?
    • Self-Care!  Do a Self-Care check regularly with the family and yourself.  Take time away with the family to rest, relax and enjoy each other. 
    • Do you just show up on Sundays or have you locked in to serve and take part in community?
    • Where is God calling you to serve?  If you don’t know, pray on it.  Talk to your leaders and find a need that fits your heart. 
    • Write out your goals for YOU for the year! What do you want to accomplish this year?
    • Make sure your goals AND challenges are on your prayer list every month!  Pray without ceasing for what God wants for and from you!
    • Ask God to give you strategy and creativity to accomplish your goals.  Ask Him for Wisdom and anointing over all that you do! 
    • Complete a monthly review of where you are every single month!  Are you meeting goals? Do you need to adjust things?  i.e. less tv, less eating out, more time on YOUR goals and projects.  Or did you Kill it this month? If you did, celebrate girl!
    • Do you need to invest in yourself for growth in one of your goals? i.e.  Business or Life Coach, class or training, certification, business products or branding/marketing for your business if you have one…  (Don’t let money stop you!  Make your lunch everyday instead of buying it or get a plain black shoe you can wear with everything instead of several fashion shoes for all your outfits and move that money to your growth.)  (I know this isn’t easy but you CAN do it!)
    • Celebrate your accomplishments!  Get yourself a Mason Jar or a cute box or whatever works for you! When you accomplish something, write it down and drop it in the jar/box.  It doesn’t matter how big or small!  I really encourage you to do this because we often look at what we HAVEN’T accomplished and when those moments come, just shift your thoughts to the jar and look!

With God first, everything else will fall into place.  But YOU, ME, WE have to be an active participant.  You got this!!! Let me know how you are doing and keep in touch if you just need some accountability!  🙂

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